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Why you should choose a used iPad: 3 strong reasons

Why you should choose a used iPad: 3 strong reasons

Are you looking for a new tablet? Then you have probably thought about whether you should choose a new Android tablet or an iPad.

Something a little more unusual is considering whether to buy a used or brand new device.

We therefore thought in this article to go through some reasons why we consider choosing one used iPad can be a smart move. Hang on!

3 strong reasons why you should choose a used iPad

Reason #1: Price

iPads tend to hold their value better than Android tablets, which means you can get a lot more tablet for your money by choosing a used iPad.

It's like buying a used car instead of a new one – you're still getting a high-quality product but not paying the high price.

Reason #2: Performance and battery life

iPads are known for their long battery life and fast performance, and this is still true for used models.

An iPad has an estimated battery life of up to 10 hours with normal use, which is more than enough for most people.

With a used iPad, you can be sure you're getting a tablet that will keep you connected and productive for long days on the road.

Reason #3: Apps and Games

Apple has always invested in offering its users a wide range of high-quality apps and games.

With a used iPad, you get access to the same large library of apps.

Regardless of whether you intend to use your iPad as a productivity machine at work, play games in your spare time or paint and design things, there are plenty of apps to choose from just for you.

Bonus: An environmentally friendly option

We cannot talk used without mentioning the environmental aspect.

By buying a used iPad, you can avoid up to 80% of the carbon dioxide emissions a new tablet emits.

If we take a newly produced iPad Pro 6 as an example, you can avoid approx. 110 kg of carbon dioxide emissions by buying used. More and more people choose used and together we can make a big difference for the environment!

In summary, there are many advantages to choosing a used iPad. And we haven't even mentioned the sleek design, the amazing Retina display, or how satisfying the experience is to use their touchscreen. Yes, as you can hear, I'm a big fan of Apple's iPads.

By buying a used iPad, you can save money, get a tablet with long battery life, fast performance and access to high-quality apps and games.

So the next time you're considering buying a new tablet, keep in mind that a used iPad can be a great option.

To make a safe purchase, we recommend looking at refurbished iPads that have been tested, restored and refurbished by professional service technicians.

If you are looking for a tablet already now, you can look at our range of used iPads .

All our tablets are tested and work like new, and come with a 2-year warranty, 30 days open purchase and of course at a good price!

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