Privacy Policy

1. Registration name

Refurbly AB.

2. Registration officer

Refurbly AB ("we" or "Refurbly") is responsible for and processes personal data, customer messages, established contracts. We also collect analytical information from visitors to our website.

In addition to being responsible for the personal data that we receive from our customers, we are also responsible for the personal data that we receive from our partners, therefore these are also part of the register.

It is important for Refurbly AB that you as a customer know how we process your personal data in the sections below we explain how we use and process your personal data.

Note that this privacy policy only applies to those registered in Refurbly AB's personal register.

3. Contact details

Refurbly AB

  • Organization number: 559160-2890
  • Address: Drottninggatan 40, 702 22 Örebro
  • Telephone number: (+46) 010 - 195 68 17
  • Email address:
  • Website: (

Responsible person:

  • David Lundgren Fetah
  • Drottninggatan 40, 702 22 Örebro

4. Information we collect

  • First and last name
  • Contact details
  • Permitted, prohibited or other additional information related to marketing
  • Company representatives' position in the organization, information about the organization and other similar information.
  • IP address
  • Data from browsers
  • URL paths on the page and time spent
  • The time of the visit
  • Browser type and version
  • Device type
  • Name and email address collected from the website
  • Log of changes

5. Origin of the data

5.1 Origin of personal data

Data collected from the website is saved on our servers in connection with the visit. Information or data is also obtained from other service providers, if it is possible and if it is consistent with the set rules.

5.2 Cookies

We use and collect analytical information from various technologies. When a User visits Refurbly AB's services, information is read using cookies and web beacon technology. We use so-called cookies to improve the user experience on the website. A cookie is a text file that is added to your browser's internal memory when you visit or interact with a website.

You have the option to prevent such cookies from being placed in your browser. Most modern browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari) are set to accept cookies automatically, but you can choose to change the settings so that cookies are not accepted. The disadvantage of deactivating cookies in your browser is that the website will not function optimally. The reason is that the purpose of most of the cookies we use is to ensure the website's functionality, for example for the website to be able to remember what you have put in the shopping cart.

If any service from Refurbly AB does not work as it should, the use of cookies will be blocked.

"Web Beacon" is a technology that enables the identification of which websites and e-mail messages are opened.

5.3 Analysis Services

Refurbly AB also uses other tools such as Google Analytics and other analysis tools. We use the information we collect from these tools to improve Refurbly AB's services. You will find more information about Google Analytics on the Google Analytics homepage. You can prohibit Google Analytics from collecting information by loading the Google Analytics opt-out add-on in your browser.

6. Why do we collect data?

We use personal data that we collect for the following:

6.1 Customer Service

Personal data is used to manage and develop the relationship between Refurbly AB and our customers. If you contact us, we use information that we collect to answer questions, solve problems and otherwise handle your message.

6.2 Marketing

If you have approved direct marketing, we can send you information about Refurbly AB.

6.2 Marketing

The registered person always has the right to prohibit us from sending direct marketing, market research or other type of profiling.

7. Storage time

We save personal data as long as the law requires or as long as there is a need to store it.

8. Transfer to countries outside the EU/EEA

If Refurbly AB uses subcontractors that are established outside the EU/EEA, we ensure that the processing takes place according to a protection equivalent to that which applies within the EU/EEA, for example through the use of the EU's standard agreement, Privacy Shield in the case of the USA or other corresponding regulation.

9. Disclosure of personal data

We have an obligation to share information with government bodies such as authorities, the tax agency, the privacy protection authority or with other bodies that by law require access to this information.

9.1 Legal basis

We have an obligation to share personal data that Refurbly AB has collected with external bodies if it is deemed necessary (i), required by law or in the event of a penalty or sentence (ii); fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing or privacy related or technical issues, prevention or other procedures; or (iii) in cases where you want to protect Refurbly AB or its customers' property rights or in other cases where it is necessary by law to ensure.

9.2 Eligible Service Providers

We may share personal data about customers with eligible service providers. The contracts we have with our service providers contain commitments where the service provider is assumed to limit the use of personal data and is expected to comply with the standards of this privacy policy.

9.3. Specific events

We can share personal data with third parties outside Refurbly AB's organization, in accordance with the above-mentioned grounds, when we have the data subject's consent. The data subject has the right to withdraw their consent to share their personal data at any time.

10. The data subject's rights

Request for access

The registered person has the right to access the personal data Refurbly AB processes about you.

Request for correction

You can request that we correct incorrect information we have about you or that we delete personal data.

Request for deletion

We accommodate requests for the deletion of personal data to the greatest extent possible, but not if there are compelling reasons not to delete them, for example if we need to save the data for documentation reasons.

The right to object and limitation

You have the right to object to your personal data or profiling if your data is used for direct marketing purposes. You have the right to demand restrictions on your personal data, such as when the personal data is incorrect. You also have the right in special cases to dispute how we process your personal data if it is based on a personal special case.

The right to move data from one system to another

The registered person has the right to have his personal data transferred to a third party.

Exercise your rights

If you wish to exercise any of the above rights, we ask that you send mail or an email to Refurbly AB containing the following: name, address, telephone number and a copy of a valid identity card. To further ensure identity, we may ask for additional information. We may reject requests if they are unjustified and if there is no basis for doing so.

11. Information security

We have taken administrative, organizational, technical and physical security measures when collecting and processing personal data.

Our security measures are planned and established according to the standards that apply to confidentiality, privacy and accessibility.

Persons who can process personal data are those who have been given tasks involving the handling of personal data. Personal data is protected with user-specific login details, passwords and rights.

12. The right to complain

You have the right to make a complaint to the supervisory authorities if you object to Refurbly AB's approach and way of processing personal data.