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2 year warranty
30 days open purchase
Free shipping and returns

Four reasons to add our phone insurance

Included in the purchase you get a screen protector from Copter made of tempered glass, value SEK 349. Assembled and finished by professionals.
Insurance companies are happy to reduce the value of your mobile by 100% already after 3-5 years. With us you get no age deduction at all!
If the accident does happen, you can count on a deductible of only SEK 299! A good bit lower than the insurance company's deductible, which is often SEK 1,500 or more.
Does the phone break? Send it in to us and our own technicians in Örebro will repair your mobile, or replace it with an equivalent refurbished mobile. We call that circular!

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Answers to frequently asked questions

What is meant by the phone being refurbished?

This means that the mobile phone has been tested, repaired and factory reset by our service technicians according to standardized processes.

All our mobiles (regardless of condition) work just like a new mobile (regardless of condition) and have at least 85% battery capacity.

What is covered by Refurbly's warranty?

Our warranty is valid for 2 years and covers all the phone's technical faults such as camera, microphone, display, etc. Please note that if the phone is bent, has received water damage or if any glass part of the phone is broken, the warranty expires.

I have home insurance, do I need Refurbly Care?

Your home insurance has protection against most things, but with a very high excess (often over SEK 1,500) and an age deduction that lowers the value of your used mobile phone by up to 60-100%, depending on the phone's age.

With Refurbly Care you get the same protection, as well as protection against screen shattering!

We also have no age deduction and a low deductible of just SEK 299. It therefore almost always pays to buy Refurbly Care when buying a used mobile phone.

Are there parental controls on your mobiles?

Yes. On the iPhone, there are many good functions built into the mobile phone that parents appreciate. Including remote control, limited screen time, prevent downloads and purchases, and lots more!

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Should you be missing any function, there are endless apps to download in the App Store and Google Play to get more control and additional functions.

I want to rent a mobile phone, how does Refurbly Flex work?

Select the mobile you want to rent and activate Refurbly Flex on the product page. Choose between 3, 6 and 12 month subscription. When you rent, warranty and insurance are included for the entire period.

If the accident happens, it is covered by the deductible of just SEK 299 and we offer a quick repair or swap service so that you are never without a mobile phone.

Perhaps best of all? Every year you can upgrade your mobile completely free of charge. We take care of your old mobile by clearing all data, testing and refurbishing it before we give the mobile a new life.

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What payment methods do you offer?

Yes, we offer one of the few circular mobile insurances on the market! How? By arranging the repair of your mobile ourselves, or if the damage is too great, we will replace you with an equivalent mobile which is of course also recycled.

What is your shipping and return policy?

Yes of course! The fact is that right now you get Refurbly Care and a screen protector in the bargain when you order a used mobile phone with a subscription to the value of SEK 944!