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1 year warranty after repair
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We help you repair your iPhone, Samsung or iPad with fast service at good prices.

Regardless of whether you need to repair your mobile, tablet, computer or smart watch, we are here to help you, regardless of brand.

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Oavsett om du behöver laga din mobil, surfplatta, dator eller smartklocka finns vi här för att hjälpa dig, oavsett varumärke.

Former mobile workshop

Refurbly Store Örebro

Drottninggatan 40, 702 22 Örebro

Mon-Sat: 08.00-17.00
Sunday Closed

019-12 90 20

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Mobile Repair - Repair your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or iPad

We offer quick mobile repair in our mobile workshop at Drottninggatan 40 in Örebro.

Has your mobile phone or tablet broken? We at Refurbly will be happy to help you repair it so that you can save both money and reduce your emissions instead of buying a new one. We offer fast repair on everything from iPhones to iPads and Samsung Galaxy.

Our team has repaired over 40,000 units since 2012 and you get a 1-year warranty on the repair so you can feel confident that your mobile phone is working as it should.

A warm welcome to our store in Örebro to repair your mobile phone!

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Mobile phone repair FAQs

Is this the mobile workshop on Drottninggatan?

Yes exactly. The mobile workshop is now part of the Örebro company Refurbly, with the same knowledgeable staff as before. Butiken Mobilverkstan has been around for over 30 years and has been working with mobile phones since 2020.

Can I use my home insurance?

Yes, we handle all insurance matters. It is common for our customers to use their home insurance, which often corresponds to SEK 1,500 in excess.

This means, for example, that a repair that costs SEK 4,500 instead of with home insurance costs SEK 1,500, a full 3 times cheaper.

When troubleshooting, we produce a cost proposal that you can send to your insurance company.

Do you leave any guarantee on work done?

Yes. Warranty period is 2 years on spare parts. The warranty covers any faults that occur on the device in connection with the repair or if the part we replaced on your device does not work correctly.

If you choose an alternative spare part (copy), the warranty period is 1 month.

We do not provide a 2-year warranty on phones that have been repaired using micro soldering or those that have been exposed to water damage.

Are your spare parts original?

The mobile workshop always repairs with original spare parts or parts with equivalent performance. All display replacements with us involve original LCDs, as we recycle the screens locally in Sweden.

Do you repair water-damaged mobile phones and computers?

Yes, we have special tools and knowledge for this, which enables the replacement of short-circuited micro-components that are on the motherboard/circuit boards themselves. If you previously received the answer that your device cannot be repaired but did not receive an explanation as to exactly why, send the device to us at Mobilverkstan and we will probably solve the problem.

Is your service workshop authorized?

Yes, we are one of four authorized Huawei service workshops in Sweden.

We are also an official Apple Independent Repair Provider (IRP) and have access to original Apple parts.

We repair all brands, including Apple, Samsung, Sony, etc.

How long will it take before I get my device back?

We normally repair all damage to your mobile/reading tablet within 1 hour in store or 48 hours upon delivery. Repair of water/moisture damaged units may take 1-5 days.

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