Terms of purchase

Please read our terms of purchase carefully. By purchasing a product or service, you agree to these terms and conditions and enter into a legally binding agreement between yourself and Refurbly AB (referred to as "Refurbly", "we" or "us" in the following agreement).

If you have any questions regarding the terms, do not hesitate to contact us at support@refurbly.se.

1. Business

Refurbly.se is a marketplace owned by Refurbly AB with organization number 559160-2890. The terms of the agreement are only applied to the business relationship between Refurbly AB and their customers.

Refurbly reserves the right to change the terms of the agreement without notice. For orders that take place at the time of the order, the contractual terms specified on Refurbly.se's order pages apply. Refurbly cannot be held responsible for situations that arise due to force majeure.

2. Generally

Refurbly offers services and products to both companies and private individuals.

Orders are placed via our website, store or via phone and/or email. If you, as a customer, are under 18 years of age, the guardian's permission is needed to place an order via the guardian's social security number. If you shop and are under 18 years of age, the guardian is responsible for your action.

For private individuals, the Consumer Purchase Act and the Distance and Home Sales Act apply. The buyer is obliged to read our purchase terms and follow the rules and advice that are described. When you order an item from Refurbly, regardless of the method of ordering, you as a customer agree to our terms of purchase.

An order confirmation is always sent out by email in connection with your order being registered. The customer is always responsible for the specified email address being entered correctly, regardless of the method of ordering. Please note that an order confirmation based on an order via online store is not to be equated with an agreement before the order is approved by the store, orders are approved by the store in connection with delivery. Refurbly always reserves the right to cancel an order after an order confirmation has been sent to the customer.

3. Prices and products

Prices are usually stated including VAT, via the store you can choose whether you want to see prices including or excluding VAT.

Any freight forwarding and invoicing costs are reported at checkout in connection with ordering. Note that any additional costs with 3rd parties may be added according to usual partner's routines. The consumer has the right to cancel the purchase in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. Products in the shop are always sold as is.

3.1 Used products

Used goods are always purchased in their existing condition. Description of condition is based on how the respective handler experiences the current unit, we reserve the right to make an assessment of the item's condition. Scratches and minor marks are not counted as damage but as wear and tear. Furthermore, we would like to inform you that used units may have been repaired/upgraded by us or previous owners with components that are not original.

Used goods are always bought in their existing condition, all functions are tested but cannot always be one hundred percent (100%). In the event that a function test has been carried out, it is checked that the device receives charging, that the device's screen and touch function, that the device's physical buttons function and that the connection of calls, call speakers and call microphones are connected.

There may be some insecure features that are difficult to test its functionality. Components and functions that are not tested and may be unsafe include but are not limited to: Wifi, Camera, Battery capacity, Software version, Language selection, Individual applications, Headset, Bluetooth, GPS, Frequency support, 2G functionality, 3G functionality, 4G functionality and general problems with device freezing or hanging.

Used goods are always bought as-is, but we always provide our unique 24-month guarantee. Furthermore, a used unit is delivered without a box, charger, and user manual. Only the handset and charging cable are included when buying used goods.

Refurbly cannot guarantee that True Tone works in the used products sold. This is because True Tone is impossible to restore/repair if the function was missing at the time of purchase.

Refurbly cannot guarantee that the used products sold have support for the manufacturer's latest software update at the time of ordering or that the products continue to have support for the latest software after the time of ordering.

4. Payment

Together with Svea, we offer invoice payment, partial payment, credit card payment and direct payment. This payment solution is called Svea Checkout. By leaving information at checkout, you agree to Svea's terms and conditions. By clicking "Complete purchase" you agree to Refurbly's general terms and conditions.

Svea Checkout presents certain information to you as soon as you are identified. The information you need to enter to achieve identification may vary between different purchase occasions and customers. Any credit information is never taken directly in Svea Checkout, but when necessary depending on the payment option you have chosen. Credit information taken by Svea does not affect your credit rating and cannot be seen by others who request credit information about you, e.g. banks. After you have been identified, Svea Checkout shows which options are available to you. Invoice is the default payment option, but you are of course free to choose one of the other options, such as direct payment via bank or payment by card. The options you are offered may change from time to time. You can choose yourself whether you want to protect your use of Svea Checkout with a PIN code.

5. Delivery

The delivery method is selected at the checkout in connection with the order, the cost of the respective delivery method is indicated in connection with the purchase.

Shipping takes place according to the specified price, for other shipments a standard cost of SEK 135 including VAT is always charged. This applies, among other things, but not exclusively to return slips, additional shipping, return shipping for repair and support cases, and returns with the store's shipping slips. Any free return only applies to shipments that have not been picked up by the customer.

5.1 When picking up in store

If you wish, you can pick up your order in a store. Goods are only handed over to the authorized payer for the respective order, with the exception of contract customers who can pick up goods with an agent of their choice. After ordering, you will be informed via email when your order has been processed and your goods are available for collection.

5.2 Return slip

This is a service to facilitate shipping between customer and store. The store sends out a pre-paid and printed delivery note so that the customer can easily send products to us or to the designated workshop. However, the customer is responsible for packing the product safely and that the packaging is sealed correctly. In the event of a lost shipment, the shipping company's assessment procedures are applied, i.e. if negligent behavior or lack of sealing causes the shipping company's insurance not to cover the loss, the customer is not compensated for lost goods.

The cost of the return slip is normally charged when a current case is closed, please note that the return slip refers to shipping between the customer and the store and thus can always be charged even in the case of approved complaints and/or approved warranty cases.

ATTENTION! Goods are always sent back with a return slip by the customer at his own risk.

5.3 Extension of open purchase

Temporary extension of open purchase until and including January 15, 2024, on all purchases made from and including November 24, 2023.

Please note that all standard terms and conditions for returns and refunds continue to apply during this period. Products returned must be in their original condition and include all labels and packaging.

6. Warranty and responsibility for errors

Refurbly only approves perfectly good used electronics for sale. Refurbly does not accept SIM-locked or stolen phones. When purchasing a phone, please notify us within 72 hours of receiving the item if for any reason you are not satisfied with it. The buyer is responsible for familiarizing himself with the product's possible warranty conditions before the product is put into use. Refurbly reserves the right to verify the errors stated regarding the products. This always takes 3−7 working days.

7. Warranty conditions

Refurbly always provides a unique Refurbly Guarantee™ of up to 24 months on the current range of phones. Errors that may be detected are repaired by Refurbly in its own workshop. Refurbly Garanti™'s validity period is a unique 24 months, counted from the date of purchase or when you received the item. The warranty's area of ​​validity is currently Sweden.

• In the event of a warranty case, the mobile phone is quickly repaired and returned to the customer.

• If the device has a difficult-to-diagnose fault, the mobile phone will be replaced but with an equivalent model after agreement with the customer

ATTENTION! Before you send your mobile in for service, you must do the following

1. Erase the device

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings. If necessary, enter the Apple ID passcode. If you can't erase the device because it won't turn on or doesn't respond, you can erase it from your iCloud.com

2. Make sure Activation Lock is off

Your screen lock must be disabled (the code to enter the phone). If it doesn't work, you must tell us your code.

3. Remove the SIM card and your accessories

Be sure to remove your SIM card and remove any cases/screen protectors from the device. Keep your cable and charger, we don't need them.

4. Now the device is ready to be sent to us

If you have not received sufficient information, contact Refubly support

The maintenance process

Errors detected in the product are repaired. If the availability of spare parts is limited, the spare parts are unreasonably expensive or if it otherwise proves unprofitable to repair the product, the defective phone will be replaced with an equivalent product. Thanks to our extra fast repair service, Refurbly's warranty repair takes an average of 2-7 working days from the time the phone is received for repair. In some cases, for example due to holidays or other reasons, the repair may take longer. In order for the product to be repaired within a reasonable time, the quality of the product, the availability of spare parts, the extent of the fault and other technical special cases should also be taken into account. Refurbly can also agree on a possible price reduction or cancel the purchase if it is unprofitable to repair the fault or if the fault is not major.

Please note that the following functions, parts or actions are not covered by Refurbly's Warranty:

  • Battery-related problems that occur after 12 months (other components have a 24-month warranty)
  • Self-inflicted damage, cracks in the glass, bent phone, as well as damage to the home button/screen/camera/other function as a result of improper use (for example, the phone has been dropped).
  • Error in software
  • Normal battery wear
  • The product has moisture damage
  • Errors that occur if the phone is connected to an ungrounded socket
  • Cutting the cord to the power source or physically opening the device
  • Product damaged in shipping due to the sender's carelessness (always make sure to pack the product well)
  • Removed serial numbers or numbers otherwise rendered unreadable
  • Other indirect or purely financial damages caused by damage to the product, such as lost data files
  • The product has been serviced or repaired by the customer or a third party
  • The user has forgotten their Apple ID, password or screen code
  • The guarantee only covers shipping to and from the customer with transport companies approved in advance by Refurbly. The warranty does not cover shipping costs to or from countries that Refurbly does not sell phones to.

Handling of error situations

The customer must report a warranty error as soon as possible after it is discovered via e-mail to the address support@refurbly.se.

A product found to be defective must be returned to us immediately.

The customer is responsible for backing up data files before submitting the product for maintenance. The product sent must be packaged with care. If the phone is delivered and returned with the label "Fragile", i.e. the handling of the product requires a separate action, the Customer is obliged to pay the costs of delivery.

The following must be included in a warranty return:

  • Order confirmation sent by e-mail that serves as a receipt
  • The customer's contact details
  • The customer's own description of the fault
  • All other peripherals that came with the original packaging.

8. Distribution of responsibilities when trading with companies

Products and services are always sold as is. Refurbly is not responsible for indirect or direct costs caused by errors in or use of products or services, or for loss of income.

Refurbly's liability for damages is always limited to the content of these contractual terms and extends at most to the cost of refunding the purchase price. Liability for product defects is limited to a possible refund of the purchase price after the benefit of the purchase has been deducted.

Certain features or services provided on or through the Site may require the creation of a user account (including setting up an Apple ID user and password). You are responsible for all activity that occurs on your account and for securing your account information, including your password. Using someone else's Apple ID, password, or account without permission from the account holder is prohibited. Refurbly cannot and does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused by failure to comply with these responsibilities. Refurbly is not responsible when the user forgets their Apple ID or password. Also, due to information and personal data security, Refurbly is not responsible for providing the original purchase receipt from the original owner of the phone.


This version of Refurbly's purchase conditions applies from 12/12/2023.

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