Your partner with +20 years of experience

We pride ourselves on delivering customized solutions that meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.

Consistent Inventory

We source our wholesale devices from reliable suppliers to ensure consistent supply.

Accurate Grading

Our technicians rigorously test and grade all devices for consistent quality.

Experienced Team

Specialists with 20 years of experience and a global supplier network.

High Volume Buyback and Re-commerce

We convert customers' assets into opportunities offering trade-in, buyback and aftersales solutions.

We re-locate used devices and make sure that customers have access to new technology while allowing others to access used and certified devices at a competitive price, extending their lifecycle while maintaining business integrity on all sides.

When you order from Refurbly

We do everything to ensure customer satisfaction. We test and grade all handsets in-house with marketing-leading diagnostic systems to ensure you always get what you order.

Return Policy

  • Replacement unit of the identical make and model as the original item ordered
  • Store credit or a refund
  • 30 days warranty on all devices

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Location: Örebro, Sweden

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Accurate Grading

Rigorous inspection, testing, and grading is performed by our in-house technicians to ensure that all devices meet the various grading standards.

Our grades range from Grade A+ (Like New) and down to Grade E (Severely broken device). Download our grading guide below to learn more.

Download the Grading Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices and brands are you offering?

Thanks to a wide network of several partners, scouting across Sweden and Europe, we can offer almost any brand and device. With that said, we mainly work with Apple and Samsung products, such as iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy phones and more.

Where is Refurbly located?

Refurbly is a Swedish company, based out of Örebro (6th largest city) strategically located in central Sweden.

What is your return policy?

In the unlikely event that you receive a faulty unit or not as described, we offer our customers:

  • A replacement unit of the identical make and model as the original item ordered
  • Store credit or a refund
  • 30 days warranty on all of our second hand units
Is your stock 100% Reverse VAT?

Yes. We do not offer any devices under the Marginal VAT scheme, which means our stock is 100% Reverse VAT.