På Refurbly säljer vi även tillbehör till din renoverade mobiltelefon eller surfplatta. Lägg exempelvis till ett extra laddkabel, skärmskydd eller ett snyggt mobilskal.

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Find accessories for your mobile or tablet

At Refurbly, we also sell accessories for your refurbished mobile phone or tablet. For example, add an extra charging cable, screen protector or a stylish mobile cover.

Hand håller upp flytande jordglob framför ett berg

Sustainable mobile ownership for a better tomorrow

Today, there are more mobile phones than there are people on the planet. And we continue to buy new technology at breakneck speed.

The overconsumption of technology is one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time, but it is not too late.

Refurbly works to reduce electronic waste globally by reusing old phones and creating a circular economy.

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