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Skip the traditional installment: 7 reasons to rent a mobile phone

Skip the traditional installment: 7 reasons to rent a mobile phone

Do you ever regret buying that expensive phone on installment? Every month when the bill comes you are reminded of that decision and you can't help but think there should be a better solution. You're right - it does.

It's time to break free from the traditional way of financing the mobile phone that puts you in debt ( not least for the younger generation) and instead explore a more flexible, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. It's time for Refurbly Flex.

1. Flexibility to match your lifestyle

Refurbly Flex offers rental for 3, 6 or 12 months and after the rental period you can easily cancel and return the phone, or continue renting at the same favorable price. Compare that to the traditional installment model, which locks you into a long and expensive contract, regardless of whether your financial situation changes or if you want to change mobiles.

2. Upgrade mobile easily after one year

With Refurbly Flex, you can upgrade your mobile phone after just one year.

Best of all, you also don't have to worry about what to do with your old mobile. We take care of it for you instead of it ending up in the landfill or in the drawer.

Every mobile that is returned is tested, refurbished and cleared of data and then gets a new owner. We call that circular!

3. Control over your costs

Forget unreasonably high installments, unexpected costs and high interest. Refurbly Flex offers a low, fixed monthly price with absolutely no hidden fees. You always know exactly what you have to pay each month, which makes budgeting much easier and gives you more peace of mind about your finances.

4. Full insurance and warranty

Perhaps the best advantage of that subscribe to a mobile with our Refurbly Flex service is that our Refurbly Care phone insurance is included throughout the period.

No more panic when you accidentally drop your phone. With Refurbly Flex, your mobile phone is fully insured and gives you protection against screen breakage, loss, moisture damage and more. You also get our product warranty as an extra layer of protection throughout the period.

5. Hassle free repair

Should your phone be damaged or broken, we handle all repairs in-house instead of the device being sent away for several weeks to another company outside of Sweden - which, believe it or not, is how it usually happens.

Not only do you get a quick and convenient repair, but you also contribute to a more sustainable and circular economy when you choose Refurbly Flex because we always repair the device ourselves or replace it with an equivalent refurbished mobile.

6. Less waste, more responsibility

When you choose Refurbly Flex, you also choose a much more environmentally friendly and circular solution. How? By renting out mobile phones, we can create a circular cycle where we receive mobile phones in return and give them new life again instead of them littering the drawer. Together, we reduce the amount of e-waste and create a more circular economy.

7. Unlocked mobile phones that fit your favorite subscription

With Refurbly Flex, your mobile is unlocked, which means you can combine it with any mobile subscription. When you pay in installments for a mobile in the traditional way, you often have to choose one of the big operators, who tie you into long expensive contracts just to let you pay off an expensive mobile.

With Refurbly Flex, you have the freedom to use any mobile subscription you want, while getting a good mobile at a low monthly price. This gives you a combination of freedom of choice, quality and cost-effectiveness that is hard to beat.

By switching to Refurbly Flex, you can say goodbye to long installment agreements and high costs. You get the flexibility to upgrade when you want, the security of full insurance and warranty, and the convenience of quick and hassle-free repairs. In addition, you contribute to a more sustainable future. Does that sound like a better plan? We think so.

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