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The new way to have a mobile phone - Rent a mobile phone with Refurbly Flex

The new way to have a mobile phone - Rent a mobile phone with Refurbly Flex

Long commitment periods, expensive contracts and unpredictable costs are a thing of the past. We can proudly announce that we are now launching the service Refurbly Flex - a new rental model for mobile phones.

It will not only give you as a consumer complete control and flexibility, but also promote a circular economy. Discover the service that will change the way we look at the mobile industry.

Flexibility and security with Refurbly Flex

What if you could get everything you need for your mobile phone through a single service? With Refurbly Flex, you get exactly that. A fixed monthly cost that gives you the freedom to change, upgrade or terminate the service when it suits you. In addition, if your phone is damaged and cannot be repaired within 72 hours, Refurbly will send you a replacement phone thanks to our unique Swap Service.

Circular economy and sustainability in focus

Renting a mobile phone through Refurbly Flex does not only mean financial benefits, it also means an active contribution to a more sustainable future. With Refurbly Flex, we extend the life of every mobile phone and prevent the mobile phone from ending up in the drawer or the landfill. We create a completely circular cycle for the mobile phones and give them a new life after the rental period.

Comprehensive protection with Refurbly Care

As part of Refurbly Flex, you get access to our comprehensive phone insurance, Refurbly Care. It protects you against accidents, damage and theft, and gives you the security of knowing you're always covered. Plus, we offer a product warranty for the entire rental period.

Who is Refurbly Flex suitable for?

Refurbly Flex is suitable for anyone who values ​​simplicity, security and durability in their mobile use, as well as for those who want to keep their finances under control. And if you ever feel like upgrading, it's easy to switch to a new model, always on your terms.

Easier, safer and greener with Refurbly Flex

The core of our rental model is to create a comprehensive circular ecosystem. In this, refurbished mobile phones are reused by us renting them out at an attractive price.

After the end of the rental period, we collect them, undergo a thorough inspection and renovation, and perform a complete data cleanup. Then these mobile phones are ready to be sent out again, ready to brighten up a new user's everyday life.

We strongly believe that the rental model is the future of the mobile industry. With Refurbly Flex, we can give our customers full freedom to adapt their mobile usage to their unique needs and wishes, while at the same time contributing to a more sustainable future.

- David Lundgren Fetah, CEO of Refurbly.

Daniel Pettersson, marketing manager at Refurbly, adds

Our goal with Refurbly Flex is to change the way people view mobile usage. It's about offering a service that provides more value, more freedom and less worry for the customer.

Are you ready to discover the new way of having a mobile phone? read more about Refurbly Flex and rent your first mobile phone today.

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