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10 tips for a more sustainable holiday within the country's borders

10 tips for a more sustainable holiday within the country's borders

Hello all environmentally conscious travelers! It's getting close to the holiday season, so we thought we'd share some tips to make the holidays a little more sustainable.

Here are ten tips to make your domestic holiday more sustainable:

1. Eco-friendly picnic

Forget disposable plates and cutlery. Instead, choose a zero-waste picnic using reusable containers, cloth napkins and bamboo cutlery. It gives a fun, vintage feel and is much better for the environment.

2. Digital guides and maps

Use your (refurbished) mobile phone to download digital versions of travel guides and maps. It not only saves paper but also ensures that you have the latest information at your fingertips.

The Nordic Museum

3. Virtual tours

Do you have a museum or a shopping mall that you want to visit but is very far away? Use technology to visit museums , galleries and other attractions virtually. This can reduce travel and associated carbon emissions, while providing a rich cultural experience.

4. Durable souvenirs

Look for unique, locally made souvenirs instead of mass produced ones. You support local artisans while getting a more interesting souvenir and reducing the environmental impact of transporting goods from far away.

5. Eco-friendly beauty products

Choose eco-friendly and animal-friendly beauty products, preferably those with minimal packaging. This is particularly relevant for sunscreens, many of which contain chemicals that can harm marine life.

Cottage by the coast

6. Housing with renewable energy

If possible, choose accommodation that uses renewable energy, such as solar or wind power. You can also use your trip as an opportunity to explore living in unique eco-friendly accommodation options such as a cabin "out in the middle of nowhere".

7. Participate in local clearance activities

Make a positive impact during your vacation by participating in local beach or park cleanups. It's a rewarding way to help preserve the natural beauty of your vacation spot while giving you the chance to meet like-minded people.

8. Avoid the car

If you need to go somewhere far away in our long country, we almost always have fantastic bus and train connections at hand. Your most sustainable option is of course a staycation (holiday in your local area), but for those who want to get a bit further away, public transport is a sustainable alternative.

Bikes in a bike rack

9. Use a bike share plan

Many cities have bike sharing systems that are a fun and environmentally friendly way to explore new areas. A bonus is that you often get to see very well on the road while getting exercise.

10. Cook your meals

Choose to cook some meals at your accommodation using locally produced ingredients. It's a fun way to get to know the local cuisine and reduces waste and energy use associated with eating out.

Remember, every little action counts towards making your holiday more sustainable and helping to protect our planet. Enjoy your eco-friendly trip!

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