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Used Cell Phones: Helping Young People Afford Technology

Used Cell Phones: Helping Young People Afford Technology

Young people today are constantly connected to the internet and social media, which means they often need a modern and reliable mobile phone. However, the price of a new cell phone can be a significant expense, especially for those who receive a monthly allowance or have limited resources to spend on technology.

Statistics from Nordea show that young people receive the following monthly allowance on average:

6 to 8 years - SEK 130
9 to 11 years - SEK 220
12 to 14 years - SEK 360
15 to 17 years - SEK 800

It's not far enough when you need a new mobile phone that can cost anywhere from SEK 5,000 to SEK 15,000.

Therefore can refurbished mobile phones be an economical and environmentally friendly alternative.

When you choose to buy a refurbished mobile phone, you can save thousands on your purchase. This is especially beneficial for young people who may not be able to afford to pay for the latest model but still want access to modern technology. Refurbished phones are often more affordable and provide the same features as new phones.

David Lundgren Fetah, CEO at Refurbly:

Many young people cannot afford to buy a new mobile phone with their monthly allowance, and we want to offer them a solution that fits their budget. By offering high-quality used phones at affordable prices, we can help them stay connected and up-to-date.

Our company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

Our company offers high quality used and refurbished mobile phones at competitive prices. We are aware that the rapid development of technology can mean pressure on young people to have the latest model, and we strive to offer cost-effective solutions that enable access to modern technology without emptying the wallet.

An environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative

Buying a refurbished mobile phone also means more sustainable consumption. By giving these phones a new life, you contribute to reducing the environmental impact and electronic waste. We ensure that all our phones are in good condition, work perfectly and meet the latest safety requirements. In addition, we offer 2 year warranty as well support and service to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchase.

Visit our store to find the perfect mobile phone

If you or your child feel pressured to have the latest mobile model but want to avoid paying high prices, consider visit our store in Örebro or our e-shop and take a look at our range of used mobile phones and tablets.

We offer iPhones , Samsung Galaxy and iPads with a 2-year warranty and up to 40% cheaper than the new price.

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