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This is how you avoid your mobile being hacked

This is how you avoid your mobile being hacked

Your mobile phone is really no different than any other computer - hackers are just as interested in your mobile phone as your computer. There will always be people with bad intentions who want to eat your information.

But there are some tips to take into account so that your mobile does not get hacked and our tech buddies at TechBuddy gives here their 4 best tips.

1. Do not click on suspicious links

We have all received suspicious emails and SMS with links in them.

It can be anything from an AVI on a package delivery to missed invoice payment. It is important that you never click on links from unknown or suspicious senders.

When you click on such links, hackers can get into your mobile by planting a virus, which allows them to steal all your data.

A tip is to always check the sender before you click on the link.

Or better yet, let's say you received a text message about an unpaid bill from Apple. Do not click on the link, but go directly to the App Store or iTunes yourself and check the invoice.

2. Always use a passcode on your mobile

‍All mobile phones have the option of setting a passcode so that no one can get into your mobile. A traditional 4-digit PIN is pretty secure, but it's best if you use a 6-digit code.

With a 6-digit code, there are a million possible combinations, with four digits only ten thousand.

For the highest possible security, you should avoid using locks such as fingerprint or facial recognition, because someone can still force you to unlock the mobile phone with your finger, for example.

3. Update your smartphone and apps regularly

We know, it is rare to update the mobile as soon as there is a new update. But it may be time to do it anyway - because it often comes with security updates that fix newly discovered problems. Also update your apps regularly as they too may contain security-related updates.

Be sure to update your mobile and apps so you don't miss security updates.

4. Do not connect to public WiFi networks

When you're connected to a public WiFi network with other users you don't know, your devices can see each other's network traffic. In practice, this means that any unencrypted data sent from your mobile can be read by other users, and that your mobile can be hacked directly via the local network address.

If the owner has misconfigured the network security, it can make your mobile incredibly vulnerable. Thus, a good way to avoid hackers is to avoid public networks altogether.

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Do you have other questions about cell phones or security?

You are most welcome to contact our knowledgeable tech professionals from TechBuddy . Their technicians can help you on the spot, wherever you are in Sweden. Book a TechBuddy today!

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