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The dark truth behind your mobile phone

The dark truth behind your mobile phone

Have you thought about the environmental impact a mobile phone has - seen over the entire life of the product?

A complex product like the mobile phone requires many different materials to be manufactured. And they must be mined from mother earth.

The production of a mobile phone gives rise to a whopping 86 kg of waste according to a study by IVL Swedish Environmental Institute. That may not sound like a lot, but consider that over 3 million new mobile phones are sold every year in Sweden alone.

A quick calculation shows that it results in 260 million kg of mining waste annually.

But mine waste is unfortunately only part of the problem.

Birds fly over dump with smoke

The production of a new mobile is the real culprit

All the various metals required to produce a mobile phone are mined most often in poor countries with poor conditions.

Unacceptable working conditions and child labor are more common than the mobile phone companies want us to know.

Due to a lack of resources and ignorance, the mining process is often very primitive and completely without regard for the environment.

Some examples of what is required to produce a mobile phone are gold, cobalt, copper, lithium and 16 out of 17 rare earths.

These metals are found in very low concentrations and are therefore difficult and expensive to extract from the rock mass.

The manufacturers themselves report that the production of a new mobile accounts for nearly 75-80% of the mobile's emissions over its entire lifespan.

There is a very interesting one documentary about the real price of the mobile phone on UR.

What can you do to reduce your own environmental impact?

Many of us have been affected by recent environmental disasters.

Everything points to the fact that it is man's impact on the environment that largely contributes to these disasters.

New movements are emerging and people are starting to put more and more pressure on our politicians to make the necessary decisions.

That's great, but at the same time each individual needs to take their own responsibility and ask themselves; What can I do to make ends meet?

After all, it is YOUR and MY consumption that controls market demand. This demand is in turn met by increased production. A production that has a large negative impact on the environment.

We need to find ways to live more circularly through recycling and less consumption!

Woman opens Refurbly box with used mobile phone

Buy a used mobile phone and reduce your carbon footprint by 80%

These days, new mobile phones are launched annually and they are marketed as a new technological marvel and a "must have".

The big mobile operators are very keen to keep you as a customer. So to keep you, they make it super easy to upgrade to the latest cell phone.

But do we really need to buy a new mobile every year?

By buying a mobile phone that is slightly older than the very latest, you can save up to 60% compared to the new price and do our planet a great service.

Reduce your carbon footprint by up to 80% and get a fully tested, refurbished and restored mobile. It works like a new one and often has a longer warranty than a new mobile.

If you feel ready to buy a used mobile, you can take a look at our selection of used mobile phones here .

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