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Make a difference for your wallet and the environment - Skip the iPhone 15 and buy a used iPhone

Make a difference for your wallet and the environment - Skip the iPhone 15 and buy a used iPhone

When the new iPhone model, the iPhone 15, was released a few weeks ago, it is worth reflecting on an important question: Is it really necessary to get the latest model every time a new one is launched?

It's tempting to be enticed by the thought of owning the very latest technology. Many of us may have felt that it is a necessity to upgrade to the latest mobile every time Apple has its grand launches. That's exactly what Apple (and other market players) want you to think. But there is a better and more sustainable solution - choose a used iPhone and you will save both money and reduce your climate footprint drastically.

Today, the number of mobile phones in the world exceeds the number of people, a fact that causes concern. Even more worrying is the fact that only a fraction of these mobile phones are responsibly recycled.

The mobile industry as a whole and our society's consumption patterns have jointly created an unsustainable situation when it comes to the production and sale of mobile phones. Apple has been releasing new models of iPhone almost every year and this has definitely helped to create a trend of constantly upgrading to the latest in the market.

However, it is not only the mobile industry that creates pressure to keep buying new, there is also social pressure to keep up with all the technological upgrades. Instead of being one of the first to acquire the very latest in the market, try to be a role model and actively participate in the circular economy.

If you find yourself in need of a replacement iPhone, here are three strong reasons why you should consider a used iPhone instead of the very latest model on the market.

Same condition, lower price

Battery health is often a deciding factor in replacing one's phone and you may worry that a used mobile will not maintain the same battery performance as a brand new device. Don't worry though, Refurbly carries out a thorough testing process and carries out repairs where necessary to ensure each mobile is in top condition. Mobiles from Refurbly normally have a battery health that varies between 85-100%, which is more than enough for the vast majority.

It is not only the internal health of the mobile phone that is guaranteed, it is also the mobile phone's exterior that is checked before they are sold on. All mobiles work like new but are categorized into three conditions based on the external wear. A cell phone in "new condition" from us has very few visible signs of use, while OK condition means more noticeable wear. More wear means a cheaper price tag - the choice is yours!

Do it for the sake of the environment

Newly manufactured mobile phones have a big negative impact on our environment, and it doesn't get any better when new models are launched so often. Manufacturing a new mobile requires a huge amount of energy and natural resources. From the extraction of rare metals to the manufacturing process and global transportation, the mobile industry generates significant carbon emissions. It has been reported that the production of a new mobile accounts for close to 75-80% of the mobile's emissions over its entire lifespan.

A safer purchase

To ensure that buying a used mobile phone is as safe as possible, Refurbly offers a 2-year warranty on all our phones. Usually the warranty period is 1 year when buying new devices, but Refurbly has a longer warranty period because we believe in our products and to make it easier for customers to feel safe when they choose used instead of new. The warranty covers all technical faults that may be present on the phone, such as the camera, microphone or display.

Newest is not always best for you

It's important to remember that upgrading to the latest iPhone model isn't always synonymous with it being the best model for you. Before you decide, consider what is most important to you when it comes to a new cell phone and make your choice carefully. Refurbly has compiled information about every iPhone model we offer, so take a look and see if any of the older models might suit your needs better.

Here are some of our most popular used iPhones that you can choose instead of buying an iPhone 15 which are still highly relevant mobiles today:

Used iPhone 13

Used iPhone 12

Used iPhone 11

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