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Telness & Refurbly: A collaboration for sustainable business telephony

Telness & Refurbly: A collaboration for sustainable business telephony

Press release from . Pictured: Henrik Nyström, partner manager at Telness, and Nicklas Stuxgren, partner manager at Refurbly.

Telness, the pioneer in mobile telephony and digital switching services for companies with superior customer satisfaction, has now expanded its offering through an exciting collaboration with Refurbly. Together, the companies offer a complete solution that combines outstanding communication services with environmentally conscious hardware – sustainable mobile ownership that benefits both the wallet and the planet.

We at Telness strive to make it easier for business owners in the current economic environment by offering a good overall solution for business telephony. In light of the growing demand for used mobile phones, we are partnering with Refurbly to come up with a cost-effective solution. This cooperation is not only beneficial for the company's finances, but is also a step towards a more sustainable future.
- Vahdat Zehtab, CEO at Telness.

The environmental benefits that arise when we reduce production volumes, invest in sustainable products and extend the life of, for example, already existing mobile phones, strengthen our arguments for encouraging companies to adopt more sustainable business models. Today, we have a waste footprint of 86 kilos per manufactured mobile phone. Fixing, borrowing and reusing becomes a decisive path towards a more sustainable future.
Renting a used mobile phone is friendly to the wallet and frees up business owners to allocate budget to other important items. This goes hand in hand with Telness' goal to create transparent and problem-free solutions for business owners and entrepreneurs - simple, digital and affordable.
We want to be able to deliver everything to the customer, so it was natural for us to do this with Refurbly as we have common values, sustainability, customer satisfaction, simplicity. We think this can be as good as it gets.
- Henrik Nyström, partner manager for Telness.
As a Refurbly business customer, you can switch to Telness business telephony and get a 10% discount on all their products. View the offer .
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