Insure your existing mobile phone
1 year protection for only SEK 595
Extended warranty
Insure your existing mobile phone
1 year protection for only SEK 595
Extended warranty
Insure your existing mobile phone
1 year protection for only SEK 595
Extended warranty
Protection against damage

Get the mobile phone repaired or a replacement device when the accident occurs

Mounted screen protector

Get extra security with a pre-assembled screen protector included

Extended warranty

1 year warranty that covers technical faults such as camera, microphone and display


That is how it works

In order to insure your mobile, a fault finding is required to assess the condition. Drop off the mobile phone in our store at Drottninggatan 40 in Örebro.
Our technicians carry out a fault finding to determine if your mobile can be insured. You will then receive a notification directly in the store or via e-mail.
When the mobile phone is approved, you can insure your mobile phone for 12 months and at the same time get a one-year extended product warranty. All for just SEK 595 and a deductible as low as SEK 299.

What does the insurance cover?


Spilled coffee all over your phone? Or dropped it on the ground? No danger, you are protected against accidents, damage and screen breakage.


Did you happen to forget your mobile phone on the train and now it's gone? Shit happens! That's what your insurance is here for.


If you are unlucky enough to have your mobile phone stolen, we will help you with an equivalent replacement device.

Together with Omocom : Insurance at a high level

Frequently asked questions about our phone insurance

What is included in Refurbly Care?

Our phone insurance covers screen breakage, damage, theft and loss! In addition, you also get a fully assembled screen protector worth SEK 349, all to reduce the risk of your mobile breaking.

Should the accident happen, we will help you by repairing the mobile internally, or give you a replacement mobile if the damage is too great.

You also don't have to worry about any age deduction! And the deductible is as low as SEK 299.

How much is the insurance?

Our phone insurance costs SEK 595 per year. You can then extend your protection for another year.

But don't worry, the extension is not automatic and we will remind you in good time so that you can extend the protection without interruption if you wish!

If you order a mobile with a subscription, our phone insurance is currently included for a whole year! And after that you get continued protection for SEK 49/month, which you can cancel whenever you want.

Is the insurance included when I rent a mobile phone with Refurbly Flex?

Yes, Refurbly Flex mobile rental includes Refurbly Care throughout the rental period! Rent a mobile and don't worry about accidents, screen breakage and more that our phone insurance covers.

Why get phone insurance when I have home insurance?

A normal home insurance (also known as "shit insurance") unfortunately does not help much when buying used mobile phones.

The insurance companies have an outdated way of valuing mobile phones and already after 3-5 years on the market, the insurance companies believe that your mobile phone is worth SEK 0. This means that you will not receive any compensation at all!

Should you, against the odds, get the mobile phone valued at something, you will instead have to count on a deductible of around SEK 1,500 to have the mobile phone repaired.

With Refurbly Care, you get no age deduction at all and a deductible of just SEK 299.

Does the insurance apply abroad?

Yes, our phone insurance applies worldwide so you can be safe no matter where you are.

Is the insurance circular?

Yes, we offer one of the few circular phone insurances on the market! How? By arranging the repair of your mobile ourselves, or if the damage is too great, we will replace you with an equivalent mobile which is of course also recycled.

Can I insure my mobile when I order with a subscription?

Yes of course! The fact is that right now you get Refurbly Care and a screen protector in the bargain when you order a used mobile phone with a subscription to the value of SEK 944!