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Avoid high electricity costs at home: 11 tips that lower your electricity bill today

Avoid high electricity costs at home: 11 tips that lower your electricity bill today

Tips to lower your electricity bill this winter

Today, it is more relevant than ever to try to save on electricity consumption at home. Skyrocketing electricity prices and an impending climate crisis mean that many of us want to save on our consumption.

Everything points to record high electricity bills this winter, not least in the southern parts of the country where, among other things, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce estimates that an ordinary villa can end up with a bill almost triple.

Are you looking for tips on how you can reduce the amount of your electricity bills with small funds? Read on for our top tips!

1. Switch to low-energy light bulbs

We'll start with the simplest and most well-worn tip, but it bears mentioning again!

LED lights are almost standard these days. However, if you still have some older models of lamps at home, it may be a good idea to review these and replace them with LEDs.

Although an LED bulb is more expensive than the traditional light bulbs they have a significantly longer lifespan , and in this way they become cheaper in the long run - just like the electricity bill!

2. Sleep mode on electronic devices

The stand-by mode can be a real culprit when it comes to electricity consumption. Save electricity by completely turning off the devices you are not using. For example, you can use a timer via the wall socket which ensures that the TV is switched off completely at night.

3. Save on hot water!

A shower draws less hot water than a bath and thus you can save on electricity consumption. Shortening your shower by 2 minutes can save up to 23 liters of water per occasion. That's a lot in one year!

Many people don't think so, but washing dishes in a dishwasher also means a lower use of hot water and thus lower electricity consumption.

4. Seal around windows

Take a look around the home, is air leaking through any windows? Then look at the possibilities to seal. Although it may involve a cost in itself, it can in the long run help to save electricity on unnecessary heating. Especially now for the winter when we are expected to receive record high electricity bills.

5. Set the minimum temperature on the fridge and freezer

In order not to draw unnecessary energy; double check that the temperature of the fridge is set to +5 and the freezer -18. Just an extra degree colder can mean a few percent more in consumption that is not really needed. Also keep in mind that a defrosted freezer is more energy efficient!

6. Cool food smarter

Instead of putting a warm lunchbox in the fridge (and thus forcing the fridge to draw more energy) – cool it outside when it's cool. If you thaw your frozen lunch box in the fridge overnight, you also give the fridge some free cooling.

7. Boil water with the lid on or use a kettle

By having the lid on the pot, not as much heat is released and it is faster to boil the water. It is even more energy efficient to use a kettle as it runs much faster and uses less energy.

8. Replace appliances at home

Older appliances tend to draw significantly more energy than newer versions. Perhaps you have been thinking about replacing the stove for a while? An induction hob, for example, uses less energy than an older stove with cast iron plates.

9. Lower the temperature indoors

If you lower the indoor temperature by just one degree, you can save a few percent on your energy consumption. Save electricity by dressing warmer instead, and light some candles!

10. Wash colder

Sometimes you may wash in unnecessarily hot water out of sheer habit. Think about whether you really need to wash everything at 60 degrees or whether 40 or 30 degrees can be enough. Many items of clothing also have a longer lifespan if they are washed in colder water, which is also a saving for the wallet. Also remember to only run full machines to wash as infrequently as possible.

11. Lower electricity bills – good for you and good for the environment!

Hope some of these tips will motivate you to be a little more energy efficient this winter. It's good for both your wallet and our planet!

But the high electricity prices do not only affect the electricity bill. Our food and much else is also affected.

A tighter wallet and a gloomy forecast for the future means that we now see a more aware consumer. This means a second-hand market that is growing in several industries.

Buying used furniture and cars has always been popular, but now more and more people are also choosing to buy used clothes and technology.

Save money by buying used

We will always need a mobile phone. But on the day you need a new one, you can instead choose to buy a used and refurbished mobile phone. It's better for both the wallet and the environment!

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Save money every month by lowering your mobile bill

It's not just the mobile phone purchase that costs money, it often comes with an expensive mobile phone bill every month.

Check your mobile subscription and see if there is room to lower it. Today, there are many alternatives to the traditional players, which are often higher in price.

But be careful not to compromise on quality for the sake of price! It is easy to end up with an operator with questionable customer service and a bad network.

We at Refurbly have launched a mobile subscription in collaboration with Verbal. Here you can count on a low monthly price with no hidden fees, personal and fast support from real people, as well as a stable network as we use Telenor's award-winning network.

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