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Save money and save the environment by buying a refurbished mobile phone

Save money and save the environment by buying a refurbished mobile phone

Buying a used mobile phone from a private person can feel a bit like playing the lottery. Sometimes it's a success and sometimes you get a lucky draw.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

At Refurbly, you get the best of both worlds. The money you save by buying used, and the security you get when you buy new.

Buying a used iPhone has never been safer

We've all scoured some used marketplace hoping to find a good used product.

It's wonderful that these marketplaces exist and that they've made it super easy to buy and sell stuff to each other. But it is also a rather uncertain trading place. Especially when it comes to tech stuff.

We're here to change that!

When you buy one used iPhone at Refurbly can you feel safe. It's as safe as buying a brand new mobile phone, but better for both the environment and your wallet!

All mobile phones are carefully tested, refurbished and factory restored by our own skilled service technicians at our workshop in Örebro.

Every mobile phone goes through more than 25 tests before they are approved. We can therefore say with certainty that each mobile phone works exactly like a new one.

Still hesitant? Then you will be glad to know that our phones come with the whole 2 year warranty! Our warranty covers all the phone's technical faults such as camera, microphone, display etc.

But don't take our word for it, see what some of our satisfied customers are saying

Super service and fast. The mobile works perfectly.
- Tina Andersson

Good price. The mobile was in the condition specified in the description.
- Martin Åhsberg

Good purchase, very happy with the phone! Fast delivery!
- Ann-Therese Kruhsberg

Nice phone, fast delivery and no damage.
- Lena Lageson

Used mobile phones are cheaper but also much more environmentally friendly

Did you know that a newly produced mobile phone gives rise to an average of 86kg of waste? And that an iPhone generates about 60kg of carbon dioxide during its lifetime?

In Sweden alone, over 3 million new mobile phones are sold every year . It results in catastrophic effects on the environment.

But by buying a used mobile phone that has been refurbished, you have avoided new waste and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80-90%.

That difference is nothing to shrug your shoulders at!

So if you choose to buy a used iPhone, you can not only be called smart, you become a bit of an environmental hero as well.

Up to 60% cheaper mobile phones at Refurbly

At Refurbly you will find them all popular iPhones for sale! And each phone comes in three different conditions: New condition, Good condition and OK condition.

The only difference between the three conditions is the cosmetic appearance. And of course the price.

All cell phones work just like a new one. But they have slightly different brands and jacks in the chassis.

The description of our three conditions:

  • New condition - The mobile has very few visible signs of use, like a brand new mobile. The phone is unlocked, tested and works like new.
  • Good condition - The phone may have some signs of use such as scratches and scuff marks, but no cracks. The phone is unlocked, tested and works like new.
  • OK condition - The mobile has clear signs of use such as scratches and scuff marks, but no cracks. The phone is unlocked, tested and works like new.

By buying a refurbished iPhone in "OK condition", you can easily save up to 60% on the price compared to a new one!

Is it important to you that the mobile phone looks brand new without marks? Then you choose new condition.

Because we rescue and recycle fully functional but forgotten and discarded mobile phones, we always have a limited stock.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage now and check out our range and shop for your new (old) mobile at !

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