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Therefore, it is both smart and safe to buy a refurbished mobile phone for your child

Therefore, it is both smart and safe to buy a refurbished mobile phone for your child

Is it time to get the child's first mobile phone? Giving your child a mobile phone largely means a certain security, for example when they have to walk home from school alone or are at a friend's house. It's easy to pick up the phone and be called if something comes up.

Then we must not forget that children are children, and a phone can easily break if an accident occurs. A refurbished mobile phone can therefore be the perfect alternative that neither costs money nor compromises on quality.

What are the advantages of buying a refurbished mobile phone for your child?

A refurbished phone is cheaper

Second hand has never been more popular. And if you want to follow the trend, a used mobile is something for you. When choosing a refurbished phone over a new one, one of the biggest advantages is the price. Instead of spending half a fortune on a new phone, you can get the same features and good quality by purchasing a refurbished phone.

A refurbished mobile phone is a safe purchase

Unlike used mobile phones that are sold by private individuals, a phone from Refurbly is tested, repaired and renewed by our skilled and thorough service technicians.

All our refurbished mobiles are also factory reset and cleared of old data. The phone comes unlocked and fully functional, so you can easily get started and connect it to whichever subscription you want.

Longer warranty than many other companies

We believe in our products and therefore offer the whole two year warranty on our refurbished mobile phones. The warranty covers, among other things, technical faults, such as camera, microphone, display and more. It provides extra security for you as a parent that our phones come with a long warranty. We want you as a customer to feel safe with your purchase of a mobile phone for your child. read more about our guarantee .

If you want an extra layer of security, you can also opt for a favorable insurance that covers, among other things, broken screen and theft. Read more about our insurance Refurbly Care here .

Safe use

Allowing children to use smartphones is likely to raise some concerns for you as a parent. Perhaps you want to limit screen time or ensure that the child does not access inappropriate functions.

All this can be done on your iPhone, without downloading any new app. Apple has understood that you want to be able to have some control over the children's mobile use, so they have given us many great features, including:

  • To limit the child's screen time
  • Prevent downloads and purchases
  • Keep an eye on the child's mobile with remote control

To learn more about these features, click here here for our very best tips.

You can also opt for a screen protector and cover that will make the phone last better in the event of an accident.

A sustainable choice

In addition to a low cost, a refurbished phone also means a lower environmental impact compared to new phones. By taking care of phones that would otherwise have been thrown away, we reduce the demand for new production and instead contribute to the reuse of existing resources. Recycling is an obvious part of a circular economy that enables less negative environmental impact.

Find your new phone today

Are you convinced that a refurbished phone is a great choice for your child? At least we hope so!

Buy  the child's first mobile phone with us – a safe, economical and sustainable alternative.

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