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7 reasons why the iPhone 7 is still worth it in 2021

7 reasons why the iPhone 7 is still worth it in 2021

The new iPhone models just keep getting more and more expensive. Today it is difficult to find an iPhone for a price tag under SEK 10,000.

If you are not prepared to spend over SEK 10,000 for a mobile phone, what choice do you have?

That's what we're going to explore in this article!

Is the iPhone 7 still relevant today?

The iPhone 7 was launched in 2016 and was discontinued by Apple in connection with the launch of the iPhone 11 on September 19, 2019.

So the question we ask ourselves is whether it is still worth buying an iPhone 7.

In fact, there are many good reasons to buy an iPhone 7. Check them out below and see if they convince you.

Here are 7 reasons why the iPhone 7 might be worth it to you

used iphone 7 plus held up in one hand

1. It is significantly cheaper

A used iPhone 7 has an incredibly low price and is as low as from SEK 1290 .

It is difficult to get away with buying a new iPhone for less than SEK 10,000 today. If you don't choose their "budget variant" in the form of the iPhone SE, which still ends up at around SEK 5,000 or more.

The price for the iPhone 7 is certainly based on a refurbished mobile phone in OK condition , but most players on the used market who sell the iPhone 7 in new condition offer an average price of around SEK 1,800.

2. You still get the same great iOS experience

Many people believe that the older iPhone models do not work with the latest iOS (mobile operating system). But the iPhone 7, as well as other older models, work just fine with the latest iOS update!

And you don't have to worry, it also works with apps such as BankID and Swish.

3. iPhone 7 is lighter and thinner than the new models

The iPhone 7 is thinner than most new iPhone models. If you prefer flexibility in everyday life and want a lighter mobile phone, the iPhone 7 is the perfect choice.

In fact, they kept the exact same look and chassis on their newer models such as the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2020. If anything, that should tell you how much appreciated the design of the iPhone 7 is!

It is worth noting that the back of the iPhone 7 is made of aluminum, something that is appreciated by many as the risk of major damage to the back is much less than the latest iPhone models with their glass backs.

4. iPhone 7 has the esteemed Touch ID

If you're not ready to adopt Face ID or the new gestures for navigating around, the iPhone 7 phones still come with the good old-fashioned home button and fingerprint sensor for Touch ID. The home button gives you the classic iPhone experience, while the new Face ID and other swipe gestures can take some getting used to.

5. iPhone 7 still has a great camera

Significant progress has been made with the new cameras on the new iPhone models with features like Smart HDR, but the iPhone 7 still takes great photos. The iPhone 7 Plus even comes with a dual-lens camera, where one of the lenses provides a 2x zoom.

6. The iPhone 7 Plus has a higher resolution screen than the iPhone XR

Surprisingly, the iPhone XR's 6.1-inch screen has a screen resolution of 828p which is closer to the smaller 750p 4.7-inch iPhone 7 than the 1080p 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus. This means that the iPhone 7 Plus has a sharper screen than a newer iPhone model with a larger screen.

Most people can't tell the difference at the lower resolution that the iPhone XR has, but at least it's interesting that the iPhone 7 Plus is technically sharper at 1080p resolution.

7. iPhone 7 has 3D Touch (unlike later models)

In another surprising move, the iPhone XR didn't come with Apple's 3D Touch feature, which lets you press hard on an app to get useful shortcuts.

We've previously discussed 3D Touch and whether people actually use it, but there are many 3D Touch fans who think the lack of 3D Touch on the iPhone XR and newer models was a bad move on Apple's part. 3D Touch users may want to avoid the latest models and go for a phone with 3D Touch… like the iPhone 7!

How to buy an iPhone 7?

Apple has stopped selling the iPhone 7, so how exactly do you go about buying it today?

Nowadays, there are many reputable companies that sell used iPhones that have been refurbished and factory restored.

You can therefore buy a used iPhone 7 that has been tested, repaired and factory reset so that it works just like a new mobile phone.

It is both much more environmentally friendly and kinder to the wallet to buy a used mobile phone!

So what are you waiting for?

Save money and make a contribution to the environment by buying a used mobile phone. Experience a cheap iPhone with high performance - check one out used iPhone 7 from Refurbly already!

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