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5 Myths About Refurbished Mobile Phones Debunked

5 Myths About Refurbished Mobile Phones Debunked

The price of brand new, state-of-the-art smartphones has risen in recent years, and the heyday of new innovations is over.

The new mobiles that are launched are a bit faster and come with some new feature but the change is not enough to justify the increasing prices.

Combine that with high inflation and an increasingly environmentally conscious consumer, and it is not particularly surprising that more and more people are choosing to buy a refurbished phone.

Despite the increasing popularity, many myths remain about refurbished phones that prevent people from choosing them.

In this article we go through the 5 most common myths and answer them. Hang on!

Myth #1: Used cell phones have bad batteries

A recurring question about used mobile phones is battery health. Is it good enough?

Various studies have shown that the functionality of a refurbished phone is as good as a new one in terms of battery life and opening up apps is just as fast, or marginally slower, which a normal user would not notice a difference.

I myself own an iPhone XS Max and with the same original battery since the start it is now at 88%. To some it sounds low, but I've never had any problems, even on days where I use my phone a lot.

The battery health of Refurbly's refurbished phones is always guaranteed to be 85-100% of its original capacity and before each mobile becomes available to buy in our store, it goes through a rigorous testing process to check for any issues or faulty parts that need to be replaced, including the battery .

Myth #2: Buying used cell phones is risky

Of course, going to sites like Blocket or Facebook Marketplace and looking for a new mobile comes with certain risks. You don't really know what you paid for until it's too late, especially if you don't have the opportunity to feel and squeeze your phone before paying.

If, on the other hand, you buy a refurbished mobile phone, it usually comes with a generous product warranty, and the mobile phone has undergone many tests before being repaired by service technicians.

At Refurbly, every mobile phone is refurbished and works like a new one. The only thing that may differ is the cosmetic appearance. You can choose between three different conditions: New condition, good condition and OK condition. A little more scratches and marks means a cheaper price tag, the choice is yours!

You can also feel safe with our 2-year and 30-day open purchase guarantee. Get the mobile home, feel it and squeeze it, and if you're not satisfied, simply return the mobile phone with the prepaid return slip you received in the box.

Myth #3: Older phones have less security

Many people believe that used phones are less secure than new phones. In fact, refurbished phones receive the same amount of software and security updates from the manufacturer as new phones.

Provided that the mobile phone is not too old.

Apple offers software updates to the latest iOS on all its models down to the iPhone 8 which is 5 years old. Samsung offers software updates for 4 years and security updates for 5 years.

As long as the model is supported by the manufacturer, your refurbished phone will receive updates from the manufacturer to meet current security recommendations.

Myth #4: Refurbished cell phones are often stolen goods

There is a difference between a used and a refurbished mobile phone. A used mobile phone is often bought from a private person on sites such as Tradera, and there of course it can happen that the mobile phone you buy is stolen.

A refurbished mobile is another story. These are mobile phones that are usually sold by a company that ensures that the mobile phone is not stolen and that it works as it should.

Refurbly refurbished mobile phones are purchased from e.g. companies and municipalities. When we purchase these devices, its IMEI number is checked to ensure that it has not been reported as lost or stolen. If a phone needs to be refurbished in any way, original parts are used to ensure it works properly before we sell it.

Myth #5: Refurbished phones have a shorter lifespan

Most of the time, people only use new phones for a short time and return them early because of a small problem or to upgrade to the new of the year.

When these phones are returned, they go through a series of repairs and technical upgrades. Because of this, refurbished phones last longer than other used phones. Hardware that has suffered excessive wear is repaired or replaced.

By buying a refurbished smartphone, you often save thousands compared to the new price and get a phone that works just like a new one! With us, you also get a 2-year warranty as an additional guarantee of its durability.

If, against the odds, you are not satisfied, you always have a free return for the first 30 days!

Feel free to check out our selection of used mobile phones that have been tested and refurbished by professionals.

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